Saturday, February 2, 2013

united states through instagram.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would of seen all the shots of my states trip that didn't make it into my photo diaries on the blog. Here's a taste of the united state through the lens of instagram.

Row 1: Outfit shot whilst travelling to America, the Marants were a saviour as I literally wore them every single day//fairy lights decorating the streets and trees of 5th Avenue//morning stroll and view just outside of our hotel in SOHO.
Row 2: The NYC skyline from the Battery//the exterior of the Guggenheim//our tickets to see the Picasso Black and White exhibition.
Row 3: The roof of the Guggenheim building//the interior walkways of the Guggenheim//Outside on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum.
Row 4: Glass window inside the Met//hallways//interior facades leading to the different wings of the Museum.
Row 5: The Chinese Garden inside the Met//the Great Roof of the Met// The Lincoln Centre, ready to see the Nutcracker Ballet.
Row 6: Another exterior shot of the Lincoln Centre//The Opera's stunning chandelier//stairwells after seeing the Nutcracker.
Row 7: The Nutracker stage and interior//cakes at Dean and Deluca//Downtown Manhattan in the morning light.
Row 8: Capital Hill in Washington D.C//Monuments//The Hirshhorn Museum.
Row 9 to 14: Artworks and Aiweiwei's exhibition: According to What?
Row 15: All black outfit to explore Santa Monica//organic porridge with fresh fruit for breakfast with Dad at Le Pain Quotidein//A sneaky Alexander Wang purchase from Barney's Co-Op.

Rick got back on Wednesday, so that hopefully means that I'll be getting back into more outfit posts soon! Hoping everyone is having a great weekend!




  1. This is my first time visiting your blog but I hope you had a great time here; where are you from?

    Right this way, a CHANEL GIVEAWAY 

  2. I love aaaall photos!
    xx Vanes

  3. Gorgeous pics! I want to go to NYC agaiiiiin =)

  4. on point with the instagram shots!
    thanks for the birthday love chica xx

  5. Lisa! how you been girl?
    Loove love seeing these NYC moments all simultaneously, transports me right into the heart of your trip. Soo much gallery envy, that ai wei wei exhibit. But boy is that shot of the glazing in the Met imprinted in my mind, heart actually racing about that one.

    did u end up at steven holl's storefront? mmm, oh my, so much to see!
    hope your year's going good :) catch up again soon!

    <3 A&E

  6. Great pictures with instagram... definitely a great post!

  7. Wow awesome pictures! Your NYC pics make me wanna go back to New York and travel again :)

    Thanks for dropping my blog Liza.

    accidental encounters

  8. I can sense it already! you'll surely be back for more ASAP wont you?
    hehe and.. Lemme take a guess.... been floating the idea of uprooting to NYC? Totally not surprised if i were right though, I'm so damn tempted myself, just hearing you talk about it all! Totally down with some casual chitchat of some form.... We'll figure something out.
    Btw. Laneway was a tonne of fun, such a good day. Kings of convenience was actually a dream come true! Hit any festivals yrself?

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog.. I love yours. Everything is laid our really nicely! I will definitely be following from now on and lusting over your wardrobe!

    x Sharday


  10. These pictures are really great and fantastic, I really like NYC!


  11. Love this collection!
    Instagram is the perfect tool to snapshot so much in such a small safe.
    Hope you had an amazing trip!
    Thanks for the comment
    ♥ ♥

  12. Wooow i looove your pics ! Are u an architect (on architecture student too ?)

    x Selma

  13. I hope the states treated you well!

    xo Jennifer

  14. SO glad you commented on my blog (thanks for your sweet comment - i'm felling better!), cuz now i've found yours! love. looks like you had an amazing trip!

    x h

  15. I love this blog!
    This post is great, looks like you got up to a lot in the US!
    Kate xo


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