Saturday, January 5, 2013


A very belated happy 2013 to everyone, and whilst I might be almost a week late to join in the 2013 welcomings, going back to my roots, I've always been the late to the party type girl; a trait I like most of the time, and something that drives Rick (Mr. Punctual) crazy. Why change now right?

Just got back from my trip to the United States a few days ago (more on that later), but whilst flying over the Indian Ocean, I had more than a few hours to reflect what my 2012 has been and what I'd like to change for the new year coming. 

I've never been a new year's resolution writer, for the same reason as most; I just don't seem to ever follow them. This year I've decided to write a loose list, the ultimate goals I'd like to achieve. Maybe at the start of the next new year, I can look back and hopefully have a sense of accomplishment that was in some ways lacking this year.

1. Take More Photos
2. Blog More
3. Revisit Old Friendships
4. Meet New People
5. Try Harder 
6. Be Healthier
7. Home Decor and Decorating
8. Excel in my Job 
9. Read More 
10. Write More

With these points in mind, starting the New Year with a fresher outlook of things better yet to come.
I would like to thank all the readers who've stuck by in the last year and all the people I have had the pleasure to be able to meet. Hoping for all 2013 brings a great deal of inspiration and happiness to all!



  1. Love the top ten things for 2013. I also want to read the written word more this year.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Amaazing photography!!! love your blog, really glad i found it!
    would love to follow each other
    following you now, hope you follow back xoxo

  3. omy effin god! are u seriousszz? where have u been all my life.. i love yer blog... i love architecture but know little about it. im gona start reading yer blog now... I LOVE U thanks for dropping by my blog. friends?


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