Saturday, July 28, 2012


I can see why one of my favourite bands of all time fell in love with this city.
Just got back yesterday from a short two day work trip. Preconceptions of Adelaide were very much to be honest, backward country town. I was so very wrong!

Beautiful old sandstone Australian bungalows contrasted with modern mansions line streets and streets around areas like Hyde Park and Prospect, beautifully tree lined streets, and no day in day out traffic jams that we experience here in Sydney. It reminds me very much of Melbourne but less condensed. 

Must go back there soon for a weekend to visit the wineries as well as get a proper exploration of this beautiful city. Didn't get much of a chance to take too many photos as during the first day I literally started my day at 5am and hit the ground running all day.

If you follow me on instagram @deviousstudios and twitter@deviousstudios would of heard my endless rantings of how beautiful this place really is.

Row one: green silcilian olives with orange and cumin served on ice, extensive local and international wine list at The Pot in Hyde Park, char grilled octopus with soy, lime and chilli.
Row two: vine covered church against a clear blue sky on King William Road, mysterious door ways with charm, working from the airport with a white hot chocolate getting me through a long day.
Row Three: sneaky Josh Goot purchase from muse boutique , another sneaky purchase online from net-a-porter, was too busy stuffing my face at The Pot that this was the only photo I had left to balance out this visually. =) 

I have a new outfit post to come soon as well as my trip photos from Hong Kong, so stay tuned!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

xi tang: china's venice

Located about an hour and a half drive from Shanghai, Xi Tang can be seen as China's Venice. Historically old Chinese dwellings that used to house some of the Emperors infamous politics, kept in original form and displayed as muesums for the public. It narrates what life was like back in the dynasties ruled by sovereignty.

The whole town sits on a series of canals and connected by a network of bridges and meandering laneways. Most big houses use to belong to the Emperor's polititicians, are set up for visitors to explore with orginal furniture, photographs and relics on display.

There are so many of these beautiful towns scattered all over China. Hoping I will get a chance to see them all one day.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I still have quiet a bit of travel photos to show you all, but to break it up a bit, here is a very delayed outfit post.

I've had these amazing white pants from Maurie and Eve for months now, but the opportunity never presented itself for me to wear them. First, it was too cold in Sydney to wear these light weight silk pants. I then took them with me to Hong Kong to wear in the much warmer climate, but soon decided it was a bad idea in fear of ruining them while exploring the city.  So when last Sunday turned out to be a beautiful sunny winter's day, finally found the suitability to wear these.

(Jacket: Alexander Wang; Top: Cue Clothing; Pants: Maurie and Eve; Shoes: Wittner Shoes; Metal Cuffs: Stylists Own; Ring: YSL)

Photos by Rick

I've always been one for a structured and well fitted pieces with bits an pieces of quirky details, but contrary to this, I'm loving how these pants flow and move in the wind. Paired with a structure top with a pop of colour and a pair of classic pumps and a unique jacket to break the wind, it makes for a very elegant silhouette.

In the months of not outfit blogging, I have become VERY camera shy. With the wind at one stage picking up and blowing my hair and pants everywhere, it easily became very uncomfortable standing in front of the lens. Guess I'm in need of practice getting back into the groove of things. I also in desperate need of a hair cut, this growing my hair out business is just not working.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

shanghai photo diary.

The first seven days was spent PURELY catching up with family. That is, literally breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the moments in between. I almost forgot how big my family was. Now with additions to the family (i.e cousins getting married and having babies), my family has grown to an even bigger proportion than when I last remembered.

Regretfully a lot of photos weren't taken in Shanghai, rather a comprehensive photo journal on the cities on the outskirts of Shanghai (more on that later though). For now, the few gorgeous places that we did visit in Shanghai and did manage to preserve are compiled here in this short photo journal post.

1. Wondering the laneways of Xin Tian Di
2. Cooling off with some lemonade in Tian Zi Fang
3. Walking the beautifully lined streets in the French Concession area near Ferguson Lane
4. Dessert, complete with glutinous rice balls, red bean, ice cream and grass jelly.
5. Me =)
6. Car watching at night in Xu Jia Hui
7. Taking a taxi home, looks like taking a starship travelling light years away
8. My grand uncle's room, in his traditional heritage protected town house. Kept in it's original form for the last 60 years of him living there.

Shanghai is rather segmented city, bits of old and big chunks of new scatted around the city. It's a wonderful place to explore with so many places for photo opportunities around every corner.

I have a few posts to catch up on, as I just got back from Hong Kong, there are also many photos to share from that trip as well.

P.S. I had so much trouble trying to upload these pictures on photobucket as it kept loosing its quality everytime I tried to enlarge one. So for the sake of my sanity, and three days of trying to size these pictures, I finally loaded these on blogger! Any advice from anyone on how I can fix this issue would be GREATLY appreciated!