Saturday, November 10, 2012

new york: architecture.

Yeah, I'm done =)

And what a relief it's been. Besides work, I'm actually spending my days lounging around the house playing with my somewhat emotionally neglected puppies.

Blogging is starting up again =) as I actually have more time. First post will kick off when I see Aprilia for a LONG and OVERDUE catch up over Sunday breakfast!

I'm off to Melbourne next weekend and then soon after that NEW YORK CITY awaits!

One thing on my to do list: see Steven Holl's conversion of this typical NYC corner space into something functional and transitional breathing life into a street corner. Oh yeah, also noted to self, wanting to see and experience all the other amazing architecture that NYC seems to play host to.

NEW YORK CITY, not long now...



  1. stunning photos!! Have fun in NYC!!!! I'm jealous and hopefully can get out there in Feb. ALSO hopefully will get to have a blogger meet up with you when you're in LA!


  2. i just stopped by and i have to say i love your blog, the images of NY is breathtaking, ive never been and i really really wish to go.. i love the simplistic and minimalistic the building structures are.

  3. This is amazing! I would love to take photos there!


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