Friday, June 1, 2012


In what feels like a whirlwind of days gone, I'm finally home from a short trip back to Shanghai.
It has actually been about six years since my last visit and I was surprised with all the change that has happened in this city in that space of my absence.

A city with a fusion of new and old, mixed in with an cultural decadence that I have only remembered ever seeing in movies. I missed home (Sydney), but through this brief re-aquaintence with this city, I've also gained a new love and appreciation for my old home; Shanghai.


All photos by me.
More pictures to come!
Just working out how to get .orf Olympus raw files working on my computer!


  1. So excited when I saw a new post from you pop up on my Bloglovin feed!
    Cannot wait to see more photos and also catch up with you in person when you have some time!

    x Aprilia

  2. aaah you have me so excited!! can't wait to see your photos from Shanghai!


  3. I anticipate the arrival of your pictures.

  4. Hey hun, sheesh, its been a while hey! :S

    I was so busy with uni during last semester, thank god its now behind me. (One more semester to go for this bachelor!)
    How have you been?? :) Just browsed quickly through your posts, seems like you've been quite well yourself, which is good to hear.
    I'm hoping to post more during the break, keep in touch! :D


  5. I have been trawling through blogs all day and your easily has the best photography i have seen! The first photo is stunning. Your so talented! I cant wait to see future photos and posts.


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