Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm still alive!
Sitting here procrastinating from the endless list of things that seem to need to be done before I leave on Monday, back to my home city: Shanghai and hopefully to rediscover myself.

(Image Source: Tumblr)

Coming to realise a lot of faults in myself, something I want to rectify.
Having no sense of direction in a way that I used to, comes across as rather demotivating.
Hoping my trip to Shanghai can crease out the wrinkles and give me a fresh start and much needed motivation and inspiration to do what I always wanted to do with myself.

Promise I'll be posting more next month.
There will be plenty of photos to share, giveaways I have planned and a drive to grow and meet all the readers out there.

Until then.


  1. Looking forward to seeing both you and your posts when you return! Please, have the best time and shop up a storm for me, haha.

    x Aprilia

  2. I think it definitely will!! kind of like a rejuvenation! I loved it when I went there!!
    have a great trip!


  3. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip, and achieve everything you aim to achieve! Look forward to your posts when you return!


  4. Traveling always allows you to breathe and start afresh I find! Hope you have an amazing time.

    x Stace

    PS. I've got a giveaway happening to win a House of Harlow ring! I'd love for you to enter!

  5. Answers come to those who know the questions..
    I can't believe I won't get a chance to see you before you leave. Hope you're one up then I, and have finished your assignment. I'd wish you well and favorable travels, but that is such a given, that I think it would be a waste of time.
    I know through thick and thin, things will turn out for you, because your such a great person. An awe inspirer, is you in a nutshell. While I am just the nut.
    The only well wishing you will get from me, is for your sake, everything is easy. May distance provide peace, as resistance provides strength.
    Much love Risa San.


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