Friday, January 27, 2012

happy new year.

Technically speaking, I'm a month late in wishing you all a happy new year, but being Chinese, our New Year was on Sunday. So really, I guess I'm not exactly that late. =)

Happy New Year Everyone! Really wishing this year will be a blast for every single one of my readers! Last year has been a whirlwind year, with me starting this blog properly and meeting a lot of great people through this medium. I really hope that this year will bring me more of that.

I've haven't been lazy with my posts, more that I have been trying to upgrade my camera. With the unfortunate flooding in Thailand, it means that the model I want is currently out of stock everywhere!

I still have a few back logs worth of outfit posts and photos to share with you all! So hoping everyone will still find interest into reading up on past posts of last year that have made my last year great!

So until then, leaving you guys with the Chinese Fortune Fish, that mum currently has hung up on the wall at home, celebrating Chinese New Year. Hope it will bring you all fortune and prosperity this year!




  1. Yes Gong Xi Fa Cai! ;) It's been absolutely sooo miserable in Brisbane.. I just came back from the coast and it was raining the whole time like wtf!! oh well -___- I hope that when I start my new job I'll keep up the frequent blog posts haha oh god im gonna be sooo busy!!

  2. cute!!!

  3. Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is amazing for you :) x

  4. Happy new year doll!!!

    Can't wait to see the outfit posts, sucks that the camera isn't to be found :( :( :(


  5. Hey hun! Finally you updated it! Hehehe :) Happy Chinese New Year to you and family as well and hopefully this year will be a good year for everyone! So good to hear from you again. I really can't wait for uni to start!!! Its been such a long holiday for me and even though I'm working I feel quite idle. Haha :) When is your course starting? Mine starts at the end of Feb, like the 27th or something. Can't wait! x


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