Sunday, June 12, 2011

lang lang and rachminov.

As kids, my sister and I were bought up by our parents to appreciate classical music. So when I heard that Lang Lang (a famous Chinese pianist) was playing three shows at the Sydney Opera House, I quickly purchased those tickets and gave them to mum as a Mother's Day present (Dad was unfortunately overseas working).

I actually didn't realise how boring the symphony is without the sound of a piano. It's flat and dull and sounds like mush, where as a piano seems to tie all the sounds together. It was a rather short performance but Lang Lang was so charismatic and amazingly brilliant on stage, it was kinda hard to be disappointed.

I didn't really want to post any of these photos up as I only had my standard camera with me and the quality of the shots in low light are horrendous. Unfortunately a few worthwhile photo opportunities were missed too.

That's also my lovely younger sister Edwina in the photo with me =)
I wore this Arthur Galan dress, which I absolutely ADORE!
It's so perfectly tailored, its insane! I hope I can take some more clearer photos next time, as this dress has some really awesome details to it!



(Dress: Arthur Galan, Shrug: Arthur Galan, Boots: Tony Bianco, Clutch: Oroton)

I did a massive shopping haul today, feeling a little remorseful and having shop-a-holic friends definitely does not help!
but, on a plus side, I got a few great items and I got to meet Nicole from GPV!
I hope you guys all had a great weekend! It's not over yet, thank god its a long weekend!


PS. I've been really lazy with replying to comments lately, sorry guys but I totally appreciate all your love!


  1. Ohhh you look so lovely! And you went to Bondi markets today!? Ah I wanted to go but was working and also the weather was a bit ugh. How was it? Was Nicole super lovely in person?
    I would be glad to help you out with your camera though I'm still such an amateur myself!
    My best tip would be to read up a bit on the aperture, iso and shutter speed and just play around with it as you go. That's how I have learnt! :)
    Hope you enjoyed the Lang Lang show and are keeping warm tonight!


  2. I never been to a 'live' classic music performance, but I should!

    You always look good. And sometimes a women need to buy massive clothes. I am saving my money to do some grazy shopping in Paris!

  3. Alway elegant and fabulous! Never stop being amazed with your hairstyle!

  4. I love that Arthur Galan dress!
    Sorry for being a bad influence when it comes to shopping haha - at least you got some fabulous buys!

  5. hahahaha is one of those shop-a-holic friends me?? ;) that site is so addictive. i have an exam tomorrow and i am NOT going on that site to be distracted! anyways, back to studying! i dont like classical music, but it looked like a fantastic show :)x

  6. wearing classics to the classicals! Genius my dear! Gorgeous outfit. :)


  7. whoa, youre stunning! Your boots are amazing, especially with your legs. and the red lip looks fab!

  8. Hey Babe, how have you been recently?

    You look fabulous in this outfit, I love your hair! ♥

    I just finished watching some episodes of Bones, and am gonna hop on to bed now. So sad the long weekend is gone so quickly! :(

    The Cat Hag

  9. you are beautiful! I love this navy dress.x xx

  10. I was brought up on classical music as well and was classically trained in piano since the age of of course, I am quite jealous of the amazing evening you had:) You are lovely darling! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. xx Marisa

  11. Hello doll, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love yours - you've got great style and nice balance of art/culture, inspo/personal shots and personal style. Following! :)


  12. i love your outfit, you look so edgy yet sophisticated


  13. you are so pretty ! and i love your outfits- always so chic... i finally followed ! please check out my blog http://laurenandpierre.blogspot and follow me back if youd like to stay in contact!


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