Tuesday, March 8, 2011

paper art.

Sorry for my one week absence, I have been really pressed for time to take photos for my personal posts. So, as most other wonderful bloggers out there have posted inspirational photos, I thought it was probably time for me to do the same, as after all this blog is supposed to be for me, a visual compilation of all things inspiring  and creative.

I'm such a big hoarder! I've had emails backed up from 5 years ago, sitting in my inbox. So the other day, I decided to clean out my inbox and stumbled across an email my friend sent me ages ago.
Paper and fashion, paper and architecture has always kind of held a spot of interest for me. For me, architecture is bringing an idea, that is 2D, and transforming that into a physical, exploring the relationships and human interaction. Paper and fashion is the same thing, exploring relationships between 2D materials with human form. Here are some inspiring and mind blowing paper works of art!

(Phonebook Dress by Jolis Paons)

(Window Installation for Tiffany & Co. by Zoe Bradley) 

(Platform 21 by Zoe Bradley) 

(Paperart by Jen Stark)

(Book Sculptures by Brian Dettmer)

(Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, all pictures should link back to their original websites when clicked on! 



  1. The paper dresses and the piece with the butterflies are amazing! <3


  2. wow these are really amazing. the people who made these are very creative.

  3. I love the first photo! So amazing! :)


  4. Wow seriously impressive. They all look so creative and like they took so much work.

  5. these pictures are amazing and so inspiring!

  6. how inspiring!! that phonebook dress is really something.

  7. That first phonebook dress is truly classic! ingenious. But the book sculpture really gets me in the heart. Love the layers of depths and the carving of space.

  8. Architecture is like a mixture of art and science, its like a piece of sculpture, but instead of observing it externally you could be surrounded by it and hence experience being under and above it at the same time. Love those paper art! x

  9. Love the pretty dresses! Might be difficult to clean them though! Don't spill red wine! ;D

  10. That paper dress is amazing! It shows that it just takes a creative eye to transform even the most mundane item into a work of art.

  11. I love paper art. It's so creative and skillful. Very clever.

    Miss Bias


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