Monday, January 3, 2011

westfield, pitt st mall.

Today I finally had a chance to go see the new westfield shopping centre in sydney city, pitt st mall.
I've heard rather mixed reviews on the building and was eager to see it from an architecture student's perspective.
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I have to say the shops are what definitely makes the building, not so much the design of the building. For me, the building itself was rather clustered, made no spatial sense and looked like they just dumped as many shops randomly on one floor. The designs of the individual shops however were very, how should I put it architecturally couture?

I wish I had photos to show you some of the amazing facades some of the shops had. The Oneteaspoon store was one standout. The facade was made out of cast iron, laser cut, with a skull lace, which was very decoratively ornate. Another standout store was Christian Louboutin. Their facade had blocks of wooden cubes that were engraved or laser cuts of images and the Louboutin Logo. The Nespresso Cafe (done by dad) was also quiet impressive. Sportsgirl was located on the main strip of Pitt St Mall, but I thought their facade design was rather impressive. It looked like a shattered mirror but used 2 different materials with 3 different functionalities. For example, some shards were solid white, while others were mirrors and the others were hollow and meant that passer bys were able to look through into the store. I think that this gave the store a subtleness in terms of how they approached the entrance. They created a boundary but visually its still connected to the store? I know actually know if that made any sense at all...hahaha....

Speaking of Christian Louboutin, I know I'm probably a few seasons behind but I am absolutely in love with his Peep Toe Button Up Ankle Boots. I could only find a decent picture of it online in the flannel material but I really really really really want them in leather. RRP = 1400, so fat chance I'll be getting them soon and will probably have to just lust at them from a distance....

I am also so totally and eagerly anticipating the opening of Zara!!!!

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Rick also found that 100 Market Street, had a rope facade, where real rope was actually weaved into the front of the building. It was also covered with a coating, I guess to prevent it from rotting.

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I also found a piece from recreationalbotique's collection for a steal of a price. Check out their cool trinkets at


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  1. oo i have this necklace too! =)
    i can't wait for zara to open either !!


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