Monday, August 2, 2010


Even though I have a mountain load of uni work, drawings and site analysis to do and practically zero dollars left in my account, I still somehow manage to end up at the topman and topshop websites with my carts loaded with 120 pounds worth of merchandise. Nice Lisa, real nice....

Its safe to say I am procrastinating and in my efforts to get my toochy up and into some uni work, i'll post up some information on the site we have been given.

Our project this semester is to design a library or community centre for Matraville, a suburb in the eastern suburbs of sydney. The site is located on one of the arterial roads Bunnerong Road and in the main commercial strip of the suburb. The design of the library has to be about 800sqm with internal and external space. Below are some photos of the site.

The site is realtively flat and hence there won't be much innovation in regards to design the building using interest architectural qualities to do with landscaping.

I guess my interpretation of the site is that the lecturers are trying to get us to understand architecture from the surrounding context and having our designs based on those pieces of information and research.

I guess we'll be seeing how this site goes as the weeks goes on. Also I'm sorry for the bad photo quality. The weather has been so bad this week that all these photos are none of my own.

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